Top 5 trends in Web Development Services in Delhi in 2021

Web Development

Human communication of all sorts is happening online, whether it is business, love, or relations. Website designs in 2021 will focus on user interfaces that reflect human identity. Website designers will create user experiences that will not only appeal to end-users but also feature their personalities. As a leading Web Development Company in Delhi, we are listing top trends in Website design and development in 2021.

  1. Web Development Services in Delhi is adapting their designs to fit individual users’ preferences. They are developing more dynamic and personalized experiences. For instance, Netflix personalizes the artwork/thumbnail of the show, based on the user account. If the user watches more comedy shows, the algorithm will put a funny movement from other shows onto their thumbnails. The 2021 web designs will allow users to customize their interfaces, not just algorithms to do it. For Example, WhatsApp facilitates chat backgrounds customization that is unique on your screen, as per your style and taste.
  1. Companies involved in Web Development in Delhi are envisaging more single-page applications in 2021. You don’t need to reload a page while using a single-page app, such as GitHub, Gmail, Facebook, Google Maps, etc. Such websites give pleasant browsing experience, save on bandwidth, and can run in a browser.
  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to be an integrated part of new websites in 2021. Along with that Natural Language Processing (NLP), will also join their team. YouTube is using NLP to create automatic subtitles for videos, based on the audio. Other than that, many websites are incorporating “How can I help?” type chatbots onto their home page.
  1. Search optimization of your website will become much essential than ever in 2021. Especially, with the increasing voice searches, thanks to the IoT device boom in the past few years, web developers have to mind a few things, such as schema markup and structured data. Web developers will need to place micro-data inside the website, which will act as a rich snippet or description for the voice search and typical search queries to locate them. Structured Data is a format in which the search engines read data on a website. Therefore, web developers will have to be mindful of the standard form of web content.
  1. In 2020, denial-of-service attacks caused critical damage to web businesses. The malicious internet traffic from such attacks resulted in hours of downtime, and loss of revenue and SEO penalties for websites. Therefore, Web Development Company in Delhi stresses on the importance of cyber-security, and data security, in website development. Apart from putting a firewall:
    • Conduct vulnerability tests of your website or app.
    • Introduce extra layers of authentication for users, without making many sacrifices on user experience.

In conclusion, the 2021 trends in Web Development in Delhi will have more focus on personalized UI, single-page application, incorporating AI, machine learning and natural language processes, optimizing websites for voice search, and remove vulnerabilities for possible attacks.

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