Artificial Intelligence Automation in Delhi, Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence Automation

Know the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and RPA Automation

Machine learning in its simplest form is the ability of computers to learn using historical data (supervised and semi-supervised cases) from past interactions to solve a given problem. It uses various algorithms to build one or more (mathematical) models that serve as the basis for the desired result set while consuming input data parameters (dimensions). This is the fundamental distinction from any computer program in which a trained model is used to generate the output instead of the programmatic implementation of logic or algorithm.

Companies can simplify higher-order tasks with AI by integrating RPA with cognitive technologies such as machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing, which have required the perceptual and judgment capacities of humans in the past.

AI + Robotic Process Automation : Enabling End-to-End Automation

End-to-end automation is essential to delivering the solutions for self-service that so many clients want. Consider how, with the aid of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Automation in Delhi, it can be completely automated to open a new bank account online, resulting in happy customers and money-saving efficiencies for the bank.

Our client wants to open a new online bank account. The chat-bot verifies the type of account (a business account) that the customer needs and provides a connection to the appropriate form. The filled-out form is submitted and sent to another robot that begins the process of opening a new account. The robot conducts back-end tasks on Google and social networks, such as reviewing the customer loan score and running a “know your customer” verification procedure.

Next, along with the new account form, a smart OCR robot analyses the scanned documents the customer has uploaded. It detects an inconsistency in the name of the customer as seen on the form and the license of her driver. The exception is submitted for adjudication by humans. The agent confirms that, since their social security number is the same, Helen Green and Helen Ann Green are indeed the same people. The robot learns how to respond in the future to similar circumstances based on human feedback.

Using text analytics and natural language processing, the robot continues to validate the submitted documents to translate and categorize key data points from within the free text.

When all the information is in order, the RPA Automation in Delhi performs the collection of tasks necessary to set up the new business account, interfacing with the various back-end systems of the bank. The robot automatically sends an email to the client with a warm welcome message, account information, and access credentials if the customer’s data meet bank requirements.

Finally, with the mission completed, the robot reports back to the robotic control room.

Octonava plays in the field of Intelligent Automation and RPA

The capabilities of Octonava Intelligent Automation are designed to help enterprises incorporate automation with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge-based systems to accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise. Octonava provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service for your laptop and desktop as well. We are providing our service online and offline.

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